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Digimantra is an emerging Technology blog covering a broad range of technology aspects so as to facilitate both the newbie and the pro. We specifically focus on the Web, Social Media, Open Source amongst other perspectives. View the Alexa Stats for DigiMantra

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Why us ?

Some achievements which Digimantra achieved in the short time span of 1 month.
Digimantra is growing rapidly and associating at this point give you large benefits at low cost. Our authors are always publishing new and original articles which keeps the site updates with fresh content and hence nice traffic. We have also introduced some unique feature sets which no other magazine in our niche is providing. Digimantra has already made its niche and imprinted itself firmly amongst it’s reader-base.

While what we have achieved in a month’s time period speaks a lot about what is yet to come, we only promise you a complete appraisal of the current day technology with industry insights and technology foresight.

Digimantra has Google Page Rank 4, which means that our site has penetrated deeply into google’s Site Index database. Yahoo, Bing , Digg, Stumble Upon are also the major sources of our traffic.

A look at the stats of Digimantra in the month of June : (Figures from Google Analytics)

Total Page-views 10,181
Total Visitors 6,534