Where did RSS Feed icon in Firefox 4 go ?

Many firefox users including me used to love the RSS icon which used to be displayed in the address bar. It quickly lets you subscribe to the RSS feed of the current website which  you are on. Strange that you have lost your favorite RSS icon in Firefox 4. If

Must-Have Firefox Addons (Plugins!) for Everyday Use

Firefox in its Out-of-the-box Vanilla flavor is NO Fun. Though it can get most (OK All) of your work done, there is a constant nagging to get something extra. This post deals with exactly that. Getting More out of Firefox. This post is meant for EVERYDAY user. Not developer, Not programmer, but every Tom, Dick & Harry WILL benifit with these small but powerful pieces which complete Firefox. However, there are scopes for continual imporovement.

Firefox 3:Updates to 3.0.2

As soon as i opened firefox today it notified that the baby has upgraded itself to the latest version and is ready to face new security risks and other vulnerabilities. Earlier version of firefox used to crash more often for me, may be some sorta Addon crash or something. This