[Linux] Use sed to remove malicious code from your website

27 Jan , 2014  


Code injection using Shell access is pretty common these days. Hackers gain access to your website and inject their code which work the way they want to. Learn how you can remove the malicious code from your website by using this powerful Linux utility sed.

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[Linux] Delete all matching files current and sub directories

18 Feb , 2013  

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Today I am going to share a quick tip which will show you how you can delete certain matched files in current directory and it’s sub directories. We are going to use wild card to delete all .exe files in a folder & subfolder. find . -name \*.exe -type f -delete #to delete all files […]

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Spell check your documents from Command line in Linux

28 Dec , 2011  

Learn how to spell check your documents in Linux using command line function aspell.

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Add PHP GD support to apache in Ubuntu Linux

10 Jul , 2011  

PHP GD library is used to created images on the fly. This library is not installed or activated by default when you first install Apache on Linux. But GD library is used widely while developing websites.

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Use rfkill to Enable/Disable Wireless on your Linux Laptop

30 Jun , 2011  

Imagine a situation when you have to book an air/train ticket in a jiffy, or check an important mail quickly and the only option you have is a wifi connection from either your smart phone or surroundings, and you have only some Linux variant installed on your system.

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Restore GRUB in Ubuntu after installing Windows

26 Jun , 2011  

So, you had Ubuntu (or any of its derivative) installed on your system and then decided to install Windowswith it? And after installing Windows, you can’t load Ubuntu again, just follow the steps to get this working: Boot the system using a Ubuntu Live disk. After you reach the desktop, open Terminal (press Alt+F2, type […]

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Recommended Linux Partitioning Scheme

24 Jun , 2011  

When we need to install linux on our systems, we need to partition our hard disk as we do for windows. In the case of windows, partitions are called as c: ,d:, e:, etc. But on linux they are represented in the form of following (there are many others, but these are the most essential):

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Convert images into multiple extension

5 Jun , 2011  

This script lets you convert multiple images with one extension like .jpg to .png and many other extensions.

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Change your crontab editor

9 May , 2011  

Change your default editor for crontab

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Install Ubuntu on Windows using VirtualBox

17 Apr , 2011  

Learn how to install Ubuntu as a virtual machine on Windows operating system

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