Sorry, command-not-found has crashed!

I was on a Ubuntu box and recently bumped into this weird problem that whenever a wrong command is written in the terminal it gives a long weird error that says – Sorry, command-not-found has crashed! Please file a bug report at: Please include the following information with the

Restore GRUB in Ubuntu after installing Windows

So, you had Ubuntu (or any of its derivative) installed on your system and then decided to install Windowswith it? And after installing Windows, you can’t load Ubuntu again, just follow the steps to get this working: Boot the system using a Ubuntu Live disk. After you reach the desktop,

Install Netbeans in Ubuntu

Installing Netbeans on Ubuntu has become an easy task now. Gone are the days when everything on Linux was so difficult, I know I am too late to say this. Well to install Netbeans follow the steps below. You need to have Java installed in your system, so if your