[How to] Setup Tikona Wireless correctly

Owing to its competitve pricing, Tikona is gaining pupolarity. However, owing to some topographical factors, compliants are frequesnt. this post highlights some ways to minimizethos & have a pleasant experience surfing the web using Tikon Wireless Internet.

WordPress : Run shortcode in PHP template file

WordPress shortcode is very useful while creating new posts or pages. It is a nifty way to perform certain tasks in the post. For instance, if you want to add a youtube video or image gallery then WordPress shortcodes are quite useful. Many plugins provide their own shortcodes for displaying

Empty WordPress trash automatically

WordPress has an inbuilt trash system which keeps your posts, pages, comments in trash for 30 days by default. However, WordPress has a way to change this default 30 days time period. We can even disable this feature such that WordPress does not empties the trash automatically. In order to

Recommended Linux Partitioning Scheme

When we need to install linux on our systems, we need to partition our hard disk as we do for windows. In the case of windows, partitions are called as c: ,d:, e:, etc. But on linux they are represented in the form of following (there are many others, but these are the most essential):

WordPress wp_nav_menu separator and First Last Classes

wp_nav_menu is a wordpress built-in plugin that allows you to show navigation in the front-end. This simple function picks the menu defined in the wp-admin dashboard and displays it as the list. Just like other wordpress functions this is also powerful. It takes various parameters to customize the output of

Use Any Mobile With PC (Generic PC Suite)

MANY are buying Handsets which are manufactured in China or have Chinses origins.. Even phones from so-called branded phones like: Micromax, Lemaon, fly etc.. can benifit from this Post.

Read-On to save head-ache & frustration if your Phone gets lost or malfunctions..

The data loss is FAR WORSE than the loss of the Phone. “A stitch in time…. saves nine!”

Difference between InnoDB and MyISAM in MySQL

MyISAM and InnoDB are two most commonly used storage engines of MySQL database. However, MyISAM is the default storage engine chosen by MySQL database, when creating a new table. The major differences between these two storage engines are : InnoDB supports transactions which is not supported by tables which use