I am sure you enjoyed my post about social Saturday yesterday and you wish you could have same fun, right ? Well OSSCamp got a little lesser number of  campers on Day2 as there were no T-shirts to giveaway. But I am sure everyone had plain fun on Day2 as well.


Day 2 started with some great sessions, the session on flex by romilmittal and his team was more like a caffeine for the campers. They shared their knowledge & experiences about flex with the campers. In the end of session, they gave away free goodies to students which can be registered free of cost by students after providing their academic details on the adobe’s official website.

[twitpic id=gqn9o align=right]After the morning sessions we had a wonderful lunch which was again sponsored by some kind sponsor who want to promote the Open Source Community in India. You think I am telling a lie ? Well see it yourself the empty cartons of delicious, salivating pizzas by Dominos.

There were some more interesting session on GRails, Groovy,Scala,Zend framework and JQuery. Other than dipping ourselves into knowledge well of the above technologies we enjoyed talking with fellow campers and knowing each other with respect to area of interests and nature of work.

[twitpic id=gqm96 align=left]Just to pe-pup the day Digimantra announced 3 free domain giveaways. We offered a free domain in the quiz conducted by Ankur Banerjee which was won by Yugal, as he gave most of the answers correctly. Some more goodies were sponsored by Linux for you and Mozilla Firefox. There are 2 more domains which will be given free to OSSCampers for which the details are present on the OSSCamp’s blog post – OSScamp Delhi September 2009 Aftermath Blogging Contest

After the camp ended , we were done with quiz and contests but still we got left with one Linux for you magazine. Hence we decided to give it to someone who can snatch it from all. I recorded this via mobile phone camera, not super clear but still you will be able to enjoy.


Hope you had fun reading the two day’s blog posts about events. Share your views and let us know what you think of these events. Kind thanks to @ankurb for clicking pictures at the camp and the above pictures originally belong to his canon camera. Cheers to you dude !!

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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