It was a fun packed Saturday for me. Two major social events were in city and I had planned wisely to attend both of them and ended up attending three. Let me write about all the three events which I attended today.

Note: OSSCamp & SamSung Jet are not related.

OSSCamp New Delhi, September 2009

The morning started with OSSCamp September 2009 which was organized at NSIT, New Delhi. So I started from home drove up till the Pragiti Maidan Metro station and then boarded Delhi Metro directly to Dwarka. After reaching the venue, I registered myself and as promised I got the freesize tee from OSSCamp organizers (OSSCube).

When I entered the auditorium the introduction session was in progress. As introduction sessions are usually boring and dull, so to add more spice to it  KinshukSunil announced that my wedding is in November 2009. Everything was alright, until he declared that wedding ceremony to be an Open Source Marriage meaning that everyone is invite and feel free to bring your friends & family. People congratulated me with big applauding and I was blushing. Then everyone shouted my name until I presented a small monkey dance in front of above 150 people. That really is an unconference for the people who always wondered why do we put “un” in front of conference.

The sessions were great and the community brainstormed about licensing issues, GPL, Creative Commons etc. Campers met eachother to find peopel from same field or carry same interests. I am sure few startups are already got planned today, then & there. Other than session there were some informal talks among the old campers like Mohak Prince, Ankur Banerjee, Manu Goel and of course Kinshuksunil. We discussed about some more upcoming camps out of which Mozilla Camp was top in the list. I did not want to leave but had a blogger’s meet around 2:30pm. So let’s get there.

Samsung Jet Blogger’s Meet, TGIF New Delhi

Samsung Jet blogger’s meet was organized by blogworks, a social media agency in India, on behalf of Samsung India at TGIF, Vasant Kunj. This was an invite only meet and very few blogger’s and consumers were invited. The presentation about Samsung Jet was awesome and it looked promising. Few presentation notes which you might be interested in are jotted down here.

  • Samsung is thinking about creating its on linux based proprietary OS.
  • Samsung will be launching its own marketplace in a period of 8month – 1 year.
  • Samsung Jet is a new generation , 3G enabled, touch phone which comes with a 5MP camera and an AMOLED screen. Few features are :
    • Super Bright AMOLED screen
    • 800MHZ Application Processor
    • 5MP camera with Dual Led Flash
    • 180 degree angel view
    • DVD like video playback & recording
    • Wi-Fi connectivity, TV out
    • Gesture Control

They arranged different contests and there were two Samsung Jet phones to give away. They asked 3 questions after the presentation and one who tweets fastest takes away the Samsung Jet phone for free.[twitpic id=gk2zz align=right] Another contest was to open five locked Samsung Jet phones by guessing gesture control, that was a tough call though and none of us could do that. So that contest got changed with the lucky draw contest. So one lucky winner was picked by Priyanka Sachar and amusingly the winner was no one else but her. She closed her eyes turned her face away from the chits, but still the luck was on her side. Praval won another Samsung Jet handset for tweeting the correct answer fastest among all of us. Congrats to both of them.

[twitpic id=gl4np align=left]For those who did not get lucky to bag a free Samsung Jet mobile got special gifts from Samsung as well. They had arranged for an artist who created caricature for everyone who was present there. So that is like a souvenir from Samsung for all the bloggers saying – thanks for dropping in. Here is how my caricature looks like.

The food,drinks were just awesome which contributed in having great time in the event. Special thanks to blogworks for arranging such great event and good luck to Samsung with their new phones and new ideas to master the market.

Book Fair to end the day

[twitpic id=gkbuw align=right]So the day was fun and met many new people whom I only knew from twitter or through Digimantra. To make the evening more calm and useful, Sukhdeep and me went to Book Fair which is being exhibited at Pragiti Maidan, New Delhi for few days. Chetan Bhagat was suppose to be there at 7pm in the evening and we missed him exactly by 2 hours as we took a wrong turn while returning from Blogger’s meet, GPS is to blame. But we enjoyed the book fair and I bought one book to read while I am bored or traveling.

End of the day

Now to end this wonderful day I am sharing all the details with you guys via this blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading the social Saturday of mine. Next Saturday its going to be BarCamp, New Delhi and hope to get the same wonderful experience there as well.

Wonder how did I insert pictures from twitpic directly into my blogpost ? Why not go and grab this wp-twitpic wordpress plugin and make your life easy. I contributed this plugin yesterday, if you like it please spare time to give it a good rating.

Stay Digified !!

Sachin Khosla.

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