The Forbidden Fruit on Facebook (Only Girls)


Long Ago, there was a time when fruits were actually fruits. The present scenario is that Apple and Blackberry are not just fruits; they are powerful communication tool. Following the same trend, many girls are keeping the name of fruits as their status on Facebook which is a popular social networking site. Don’t get confused that the girls are promoting some gizmo product. We feel proud in decoding the Fruit Code. The status may seem mysterious and catchy as well. The general tendency of being curious at peculiar things urges you to find its true meaning. The inside story of this fruity issue starts with an anonymous mail whose origin is still unknown.


The mail goes like this –

Gunjan Hans(name changed) June 26 at 11:38am Reply

hey gurls…

There is something new to the list ! ( AGAIN ! ) :D:D

This is meant for “GIRLS” only.

Do not pass on to boys :):) Let them roam wondering :D:D

Keep the following names of the fruits in your statuses to which you belong!!

Strawberry- Deeply in love ?

Lichee- Having a strong crush ^^^^

Cherry-Adore someone’s looks n personality :):)

Chickoo- Hate your ex :/:/

Mango- Happy being single :D:D

Apple- Just suffered from a breakup :(:(

Pineapple- Hate love 😐

I just received n forwarded !

Forward to your co girls and spread the chain :):)

This is not the first time that girls are using some kind of codes. During the Breast Cancer Awareness Week, many girls used to write the colour of their undergarments. This was done for a noble cause. Many people appreciated this and felt proud to be the part of program. Encrypting stupidity in the name of fruits or any other name is not acceptable at all. Why should girls have all the fun ?

Stay digified

Nitish jha

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