The Facebook Sensation has traversed all over the world since it came into existence in 2004. Now almost every single person who uses internet in the world has a Facebook account. Facebook Introduced Live chat feature two years ago- A new way to communicate with your Facebook friends in real-time. As we have software named Google talk for using Gmail chat, similarly we can use Facebook’s chat on desktop via Gabtastic, an application based on Mozilla Prism Project. It ties you with your Facebook friends directly from the Desktop and provides much better experience of chatting with your Facebook buddies than the Web based interface.

Gabtastic is a Webkit Based Application which allows you to keep chat sessions open on your desktop outside the regular web browser that you are using.

Requirements to use Gabtastic application are:-

· Adobe Flash Player

· Windows XP, Window Vista or Mac OS X.

· Web Chat Account

After installing the setup you need to sign in with your current Facebook ID. After signing in you will see a window like this given below:


You can choose between Facebook chat client and Gtalk client:


It also controls options such as windows opacity and display level which you can select according to your requirement so that it doesn’t become an irritation by towering your desktop.


Screenshot Given below around 35% of Opacity level:


It also enables up to open multiple chats at a same time using minimal screen and system memory. The main problem in Gabtastic is that chatting alone is not enough and it does not allow any other Facebook applications to run from here. Also you can’t run two applications at the same time, in this case its Facebook chat and Google chat. You need to log out from one application and then login in another, and to make things worse it is exacerbated by the weak message notification system.

But, Developers are making more efforts to integrate it with Yahoo Messenger, Meebo, Twitter, and Trillian Astra to make it more efficient Multi-network Web chat client. It’s pretty easy application to use and more than useful application for all Facebook chat users

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