Some of you might be struggling hard to make it work and some already have this working. But lot of people have lately asked me on how to publish updates automatically to a facebook’s fan page. You can publish your site’s feeds automatically to your profile page and as well as on your business/fan page via NetworkedBlogs App available for Facebook. Earlier this application supported publishing updates only on your profile page, but later on added updating the business pages associated with the profile.

It allows you to publish updates automatically on updating the claimed website/blog. It also has an option to ask you what to publish. So to add these updates complete the following steps.

1) Add NetworkedBlogs App application if its already not there.

2) Once registered click on the feed settings present on the networkedblog’s homepage.


3) Under the fan pages section, click on the configure button in front of the Fan page which you want to configure. Now click on the Install to install the networkedblogs app on the fan page.


4) After installing you can publish the test post to check if it has been configured properly or no.

Now whenever you post on the configured blog/website it will get published automatically on your fan page and profile (as configured). Hope that solves your problem.

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Sachin Khosla

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