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You have been using Gmail since long and now you are addicted to it. The features provided by Gmail Labs add sparkles to your mailbox , right ? Certainly, people are more than happy with their Gmail inbox, but there are some who just do not like the slow loading and have other issues with Gmail. One of the reason for slow loading of your Gmail is discussed on another blogpost.

No, my target here is not to tell you that Gmail is slow etc etc, but to let you know how you can export your Gmail filters from one mailbox to other mailbox. This feature is supported by one of the Lab Features, called Filter import/export (found under the settings > labs tab of your Gmail inbox).

How to do ?

It is pretty straight forward, as discussed you need to enable a Lab feature from the Labs tab under settings. Open the Labs tab and find for feature called “Filter Import/Export” (use ctrl+f). After you enable this lab feature, move to Filters Tab (settings > filters) . There you will see an option to select filters and export them as XML file.



You can save this XML file and can utilize it to :

1) Import same filters into any other Gmail inbox. Or share it with colleague or co-worker.

2) Create more filters if you are comfortable editing XML file(s).

3) If you want to disable filters temporarily, you can export all of them, keep a backup and disable/delete all the filters.

4) When you export emails using POP, you can also export your filters. It might be possible that some email clients start supporting this XML files to create rules from these filters.


Hope you like this another feature of Gmail to give you more flexibility not only within your mailbox, but even when you decide to move.

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Sachin Khosla

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