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People used to ask me that how could they send an email with images, just like they get in forwarded emails. Yeah the forwarded emails with images of flowers, kids, sunsigns etc are pretty famous. So in urge to start their own such forward-able email people keep on wondering how to insert those images inline. Many bad attempts have even landed into my mailbox in which my friends just attached the photographs and thought the email clients are super intelligent, that they will put the images automatically in the message body.

Earlier I used to tell people to use outlook express for such kind of emails or an email client which supports HTML. However some people are really reluctant to use outlook, or precisely saying they do not what it is. So for them, a Google Lab feature is a lifesaver. Now you can insert images from your mailbox without having to do much. You do not need Outlook express, neither you need to copy-paste from the HTML editor, instead follow the below mentioned instructions :

1) Log into your Gmail Inbox and click on settings.

2) In the settings page, click on the Labs tab and you will see a list of Labs features.

3) Scroll down and look for a feature called “Inserting images“. Click on Enable to start using this feature.


4) Now  just click on compose and in your formatting toolbar, you will see a new option to insert images.

So this way you can insert images the way you do with normal HTML editor. You can resize images, insert form computer , or you can insert from the URL as well. So next time  you plan to create an innovative mail to be forwarded, please use your Gmail mailbox instead of outlook express.
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