Those were the times when you used to do create every thing using html tags on web pages. Today web is not limited only to the geeks but many non-technical users as well. There are some naive level users who want to make their website more interactive and that is when they use gadgets, widgets, plugins etc.

Google Web Elements allows you to insert Google gadgets / products directly into your website or blog. You can insert Google Calendar, Maps, Spreadsheets etc to facilitate users.


Google Web Elements is yet another effort by Google to make Internet a better place. For Example I am going to insert Map using the Google web elements, and it lets me specify the address and view for which I have specified “White House” and “terrain” respectively.

I also liked this Ajax search box, which will return Ajax search result from your website only. However you can specify an option to search from internet as well. If you search using the following search box, the results will be displayed below the search box only, without reloading the page – sweet, isn’t it ?




So that makes your website more powerful and interactive for users. You can even start a new discussion in a chat like format and only users that are signed in using Google accounts can comment on that , so that discourages spammers.  You can insert these elements anywhere on your website, on the sidebar, or inside the post (as shown above).

Hope that helps.

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Sachin Khosla

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