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3 Oct , 2010  

Hey Folks,

I was trying to root my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) and I got stuck in step that I was unable to reboot my phone in recovery mode. I tried many times and was wondering why is it not happening. I watched few videos and also followed the steps given on my friend’s blog but still no luck.

Then I decided to dig into the matter and find a solution. Upon investigating I realized that some Samsung phones do not support recovery modes, its their firmware issues. Lot many people got their handsets changed because of this issue. Hence the answer that my phone was not rebooting in recovery mode was simple. Before I tell you the other alternate method to reboot, let me tell you what is that 3button trick to reboot the phone in recovery mode :

Hold the Volume up key + Home key (middle one) + Power key while switching on your phone, if your firmware supports it, you will be able to see the recovery console.

However, I tried followed another method to reboot Samsung Galaxy S and that is via computer using Android SDK. So follow the steps below, if you want to reboot your Samsung Galaxy S in recovery mode.

1) Download and install the latest version of Android SDK.

2) Download the Samsung Galaxy S drivers and install it.

3) Connect the phone using USB wire. Make sure you tick the USB debugging mode. Goto Settings –> Applications –> Development and check the USB debugging option.

Android usb debugging mode thumb Boot Android phone in recovery mode

4) Now you are done with all the preparations, its time to do the real action. Open command line (dos prompt) in your computer.

5) Browse to the directory where you have installed/unzipped the Android SDK, which you downloaded in the Step 1.

6) When you are in the SDK directory the the following command.

tools\adb reboot recovery

Apparently, if you followed the above steps correctly your phone should reboot, otherwise read again !

We rebooted the phone by using the adb.exe tools provided with the Android SDK. This is used while developing application for Android phones, but this acted as a life saver for me.

Hope that helps.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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5 Responses to “Boot Android phone in recovery mode”

  1. Michael Caspar says:

    I want to know that an German Version exist of this what you wroth to”pimp” my Galaxy?The three Button trick takes My Galaxy in the recovery mode!I have an free device with JM1…..can you/somebody. help me with german Version support! !and. sorry. …my.english is not. so. good! !The best regaards. ..


  2. Alap says:

    Thanks for the Info.

    Please do a detailed review of the Phone.

  3. Wade Cockfield says:

    If this is a firmware issue, would a firmware update allow me to boot in recovery mode?

  4. Hey,

    Its like some phones support and some do not. So probably the firmware issue. Nothing specifically mentioned.

  5. prijin says:

    So is it possible to reboot through code..If yes,how??

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