mac logo Cache burst refresh or hard refresh in MACWhen I shifted to MAC lot of things changed. On top of everything the Keyboard changed which in return resulted in change of all the shortcut keys that I used in Windows, Linux using the Windows Keyboard. While development of websites, I often used Ctrl + f5 on Windows/Linux machine to refresh a browser page without cache. This key combination loads the page and request resources from the webserver instead of loading it from Local Cache.

This definitely is a requirement when you are developing a website. Since CSS, JavaScript files are saved in browser’s cache along with images. However, doing is in MAC operating system using FireFox as browser does not help icon sad Cache burst refresh or hard refresh in MAC

Hence, here is the tip for my fellow developers who recently shifted to MAC on how to do a hard, cache less refresh on MAC machines. All you have to do is press ⌘+shift+R i.e. Command + Shift + R key and for simple refresh you just have to press Command + R keys.

I know that was simple but sometimes you just have to discover it icon smile Cache burst refresh or hard refresh in MAC


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