Nokia E71 is no doubt one masterpiece created in the business phones section. I know some people who had bad experience with Nokia might disagree with me. Well the use of buying a business phone for some is critical , while other buy just cause its newly launched and it has got more features :P. Talking about the features, the main would be the  mailbox in any of the business phone. This facilitates you to access your emails on the move and also respond to them immediately. Some people find it really cumbersome to setup different email services, so that is why this post is specific for the those users who want to setup or configure their mailboxes on their mobile devices. This is not specific to Nokia E71, instead the instructions are similar for any phone.

Setting up your Gmail Inbox

Yes you can configure your gmail Inbox right into your Nokia phone. Gmail my default provides a java app. which facilitates the email in any Java based phone, but that is pretty slow in some phone, and this built-in mailbox setup makes the service fast. Take this feature just you see outlook express in any Microsoft Windows operating system.

  1. In the main menu goto Communication > Messaging > (sub menu) Options > Settings > E-mail.
  2. Again Selected Options > New mailbox and press Start to launch the Wizard.
  3. Allow network connection, because it will be requiring that to ping the mailbox servers which we are going to provide.
  4. Now it will ask for the email address, please provide complete Email address of your gmail for eg. , now enter the password on the next prompt and press OK.
  5. You are done !! Were you expecting some more steps ? Well Symbian has become super intelligent now. It pinged your email service provider which is in this example and automatically retrieved the mailbox settings and made your life more easier 🙂nokia-logo

Some services which it supports

  • and many more to be explored

Setting up mailbox for not standard emails, eg. your work emails

Probably you won’t be needing to setup gmail, yahoo on your mobile, but one thing you require always is to setup emails for your email address which use at work. The wizard will first try to search for the mailbox settings automatically but if it is unable to find that, you will have to provide that manually. Make sure you know your service providers incoming and outgoing server addresses. To know how and where to provide those settings, follow the steps given below:

Note: You should have the mailbox configuration for the manual setup of your Inbox. In this example I am gonna show you how you can setup your email address if your site is hosted on godaddy’s servers. So the settings which are provided by godaddy are :

Incoming Mail Server Type: POP3
Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Mail Server Port: 110
Outgoing Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server: Requires Authentication (Use the same username and password as the incoming mail server).
Outgoing Mail Server Port: 25, 80, 587, or 3535.

Please repeat the steps from 1 to 4 as stated above and then continue as under :

  1. Then selected POP3/IMAP4 from the Wizard screen. Now select the mailbox type as POP3.
  2. Now input your incoming mail server address, an example would be : , if you are given any security settings instruction then choose that, else select none which is the default option.
  3. Now its time that you define your outgoing mail server, eg. , and in the security settings I am going to select SSL. Some corporates do have their secure outgoing mail servers, so probably you will require to select proper security setting for this, if its instructed by the IT people, else leave that as none.
  4. Now define the outgoing mailbox’s port number, the default is 25, but for secure server it may vary, just like godaddy has 4 different to use any.

And that completes the wizard and hence the mailbox is setup.

Now go to Messaging select the mailbox and press connect to receive your emails.This should be a very explanatory tutorial to setup a mailbox on mobile, if you still have doubts, problems leave a comment.

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