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Have multiple identities on yahoo and wonder how do you login all of them at once from a single machine ? Well Yahoo messenger by default does not allow you to run multiple instances. But there is a workaround through which you can run multiple instances without having to do much effort. But there is a known issue that you cannot make successful voice calls after that from either of the running instance, i.e. you wont be able to send you voice but you will be hear what the other party is saying.

There are certain scripts available on the internet which let you start allowing yahoo messenger to run multiple instances but do not provide a script undo the changes made.  But I am gonna provide you with both scripts, so that when you are done you can revert back the changes and then the issues discussed above can be resolved. 🙂yahoo-messenger-icon

Awesome, How do I do that ?

  1. Download the zip file from here, and unzip.
  2. To start multiple instances of yahoo messenger, double click on start_ymulti and press yes on the next prompt window.
  3. To stop or disallow multiple instances so as to undo the changes, double click on stop_ymulti and press yes on the next prompt window.

It works great on Windows XP, did not try on Vista yet. But if anyone get a chance to try, please leave a comment verifying if it works or no.

Currently it successfuly patched my Yahoo Messenger 9.0.0.XXXX version, so it should also have  backtype support.

Hope it helps.

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