Due to release on December 15th 2010, the WordPress 3.1 version has got to be one of the best version updates since long time. There are quite many changes and new features being brought into the 3.1 version, taking WordPress to the next level. The addition of new features would be stopped on October 15th, but till then we would be seeing these features –

Admin Bar coming front-end

People who used wordpress.com might know about this. The admin bar in the top shows on the front-end too. This is now being integrated into the wordpress hosted platform, getting things easier for multiple blogs together, and also for those who want to have a faster access to the admin pages from their blog homepage.

Quickpress template tag

The quickpress that you see in your wordpress dashboard can now be integrated to the front-end theme of your blog, where the logged in users can make quick posts right from their blog front end.

Internal linking feature

One of the much-needed features, where you don’t need to go search for your previous blog posts to check for the related ones, but WordPress would include a button just beside the external link button, so that you can search for the posts right from your write post section. The search can be done either by the date, title, category or the keywords.

Post templates

This is something what we apparently used to see with the usage of plugins like Sticky posts etc. where some specific posts which you wanted, could be set on the top of the page. The post template / style feature would allow you to denote posts into certain templates such as gallery, aside, link, quote etc. and with this, the posts are arranged accordingly into your blog template, unlike the traditional hierarchy format.

Some other amazing features that are being expected to come into this new version of WordPress are the Separate network dashboard for those with multi-site dashboards which are more confusing, and there would be a new and improved interface to search for the themes and installing them, and to browse the installed themes too. WordPress developers are trying to get things more onto the Ajax based features, so if you want to go to any deep page in the edit posts section, the AJAX-based loading is better than the normal page loads that would take more time and data load to reach the same page.

As mentioned by WordPress, the WordPress 3.1 version would be released somewhere in the mid of December, and a couple months earlier to that, the addition of features would be stopped and the team would concentrate more on fixing the bugs to the beta they release.

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