Open Source a big bang which is spreading like a fire in the forest. Everything today has an open-source alternative, let it be Microsoft Windows, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Outlook Express or whatever. The best thing about Open Source is that people actually love it and the community contributes it to give you a rich experience with the projects that release. Testing, Bug reporting and even Bug Fixing is done by the community and for the community. Its more like a community based projects, rather being a sole responsibility of a particular

BBC – UK’s top news channel and information broadcasting service agency has released an Open Source javascript library , Glow , way back in 2008. Although they claim to  have built their Javascript library in the year 1999 , which was being used internally buy their development team. However with the Open Source getting more and more famous, BBC released it for the outer world as well. Since 2008, they have been contributing a lot into this very library and have released it several times till date, lets have a glance.


You can download the latest version of Glow (tgz | zip) and then can head towards the getting started documentation right here. From the quick review , the code seems more like JQuery or other Javascript libraries. However Glow isnt just about the selectors and playing around with elements, it also have widget components which are ready to use. They provide widgets like Carousel, Autosuggest , Editor, Overlay, Panel etc. No doubt, these widgets are already there in some of the famous Javscript libraries like YUI, Jquery etc. and have strong knowledge hub, community support.

It is another initiative in the Open source community by a major player in the market, which signs that Open Source is no longer the choice of Geeks, but is also getting common among End users. With the release of Google’s Operating System Chrome, the world will take another major steps towards free world, called Open Source.

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