Earlier today when I opened Gmail’s Inbox it gave me a notification that now i can manage the labels by simply drag & drop. Its kinda mixed feeling good and bad, good because you can simply pick an email and drop it into the label which are in your sidebar, bad I will explain below.

Google is planning to save space in the sidebar and finally hide the “labels” in the sidebar. It gives you an option in the settings of your inbox to choose which labels you want to show or the ones which you use quite often. Google is discontinuing its labs feature for the first time, after it disabled many open sources projects joost being one of them 🙁

Now the bad part which i was talking above. Its not bad about the feature but its bad on the whole that Google is disabling a labs feature, which is not a good sign. Lot many people rely on google’s lab products like SMSChannels and there are quite a few which are famous and used.

So this gives users a hint that they should not rely too much on Labs feature as this can be revoked any point of time. Hope for now you enjoy the new Drag & Drop labels of the gmail 🙂


Stay Digified !!

Sachin Khosla

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