Seesmic Desktop releases update to v0.3 on 24 June, 2009. I have been waiting for the update due to latest network issues which i faced and wanted to update it once to see if the problem gets resolved or no. I had posted a review about Seesmic desktop review a almost a month back and it was not that positive.

But I must commit after using Seesmic for few days i have not used any other twitter client. It worked so smooth and its multi-account feature works like charm. I have my 3 twitter accounts setup there and a facebook account as well. And these all work like charm.

Today when I upgraded to latest version of Seesmic Desktop, i found few noticeable positive changes in user interface and as well as with the network and its over all performance. Let me quickly review those.

What is Seesmic, I never heard of this thing, could you explain ?

Well probably you are a new user here, who has not tasted twitter to its deepest part. But when you become pro twitter or in simple words when you get addicted to it, then you kinda start disliking the web interface. So to stay connected to twitter , facebook you need a desktop client installed on your machine which keeps you online 24 x 7. Seesmic works on top of adobe AIR framework and is just an awesome application. Now stop reading here, download your copy and start enjoying , so that you can also enjoy the rest of the post 😛seesmic-icon

Speed, User interactivity

I faced minor issues lately before upgrading and thought of moving back to twhirl, but was waiting for the update which @loic had been talking about on twitter. So as soon as I upgraded, it worked like magic. I was able to tweet a lot faster than before and had no network issues at all. The interaction time is also remarkable now .

Message panel revamp

Oh Boy !! you did not see that ? Now you have much vertical space in the seesmic client to enjoy your tweets as the message panel has been contracted to the size of a normal input  box in the HTML form, which actually expands when you want to send update to your timeline.

They have also used the blank message panel to notify the user that through which account the update will be sent. Thank god, have been waiting for this feature. I have sent wrong tweets many time in the past from different accounts. This feature is life saver for the multi account users like me 🙂

Look at this Shiney !!

Multi-update one status

Yay !! I know it becomes pain when you have 4 twitter accounts and 2 facebook accounts and you want all of them to update at once. You actually try to copy-paste them and update. But Seesmic got this problem fixed in a beautiful way, it now allows you to select which accounts you want the status to be update, you can check those account names and type in your status and you are good to go 🙂

Uber cool multi update option
Uber cool multi update option

Another good change is that it does not auto-select the account to update status when you click @reply on any user update. Earlier if you used to click @reply from a user in facebook’s timeline then the facebook handle used get autoselected, which is what i never wanted and in this release they have fixed this as well.

So over all Seesmic has come out to be a really good twitter’s desktop client. And this is not all just because they have these cool features implemented but also because they have a very interactive support. For support you can follow @askseesmic and the man behind this all @loic

Hope you enjoy tweeting with your new Seesmic client.

Stay Digified !!

Sachin Khosla

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