Linked In has now added a new feature – one oft repeated by group managers – Subgroups. What does it allow you to do? Define groups within your groups, thus creating more stronger focus groups. This is what Linked In says in their annoucnement mailer:

We’re happy to announce that later this week we are launching a long-requested feature for group managers: the ability to create subgroups. Subgroups are like a break-out session at a conference. They enable you to create more focused areas than in the main group.

Also, by creating and inviting members into subgroups, you can now send additional weekly Announcement emails to focused audiences

If you are a group manager in Linked In, tag along – I rushed in to see how Subgroups work and what all I can do with it. I was greeted with an explanatory message:

A subgroup is a space within your group where members can collaborate based on a function, project, topic, location or anything you wish. Subgroups have many features including Discussions, News, Jobs and Digest Emails, etc. Only managers of the group can create subgroups and only members of this group can be members of a subgroup.

I created a couple of groups to achive the following result:

The weird part is that the mails Linked In sent to me were confirmations of creating normal groups (and not subgroups). And that is why I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. The feature holds promise, lets watch all the innovative uses it will be put to.

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