Another attempt by Google to make your online experience more secure. Keeping in mind that privacy of a user is the prime aspect Google has introduced this new feature in which it is going to try unsubscribing you from an unsolicited mail received by you. So let me tell you how this works. From now on when you report any message as spam, Gmail is going to give an option to report that as spam and as well as send a request to unsubscribe from the sender’s mailing list, as show in the screenshot below.


So how does it work ?

Google has asked senders to support this new auto-unsubscribe, but think not every sender has this configured with their mailers. So for now few senders support this and many more will be added with due course of time. Google decided not to put the unsubscribe notification within the messages as no one including google can trust the senders. Instead Google is going to display unsubscribe notification for the senders whom it trusts and not for everyone else.

So that is just another attempt made by google today to fight against spam and give users more power to enjoy internet. Some new users are often caught by these kind of phishing emails or scams and this is going to help few of them, who at least know what a spam mail looks like and what it actually means. Google recently launched the super-trustworthy key for paypal and ebay , which is again going to help people who are more into online transactions etc.

So lets fight against spam.

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Sachin Khosla

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