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Digimantra is going to complete its 6months on 25nov, 2009. Its not that we started late on internet world, but the blog Digimantra came into existence after much evolution. I (Sachin Khosla) attend various meetups, camps and events where I meet people from different background, bloggers etc. Those who read articles on Digimantra never fail to ask me one question, “How did you achieve Google page rank 4 in just 1 month?” and many questions about SEO and other optimizations.


I do not boast about the traffic on Digimantra but yes many of the posts on this blog are indexed as Google’s first result. Let me show you some statistics.


The main source of our traffic is search engines and other source are referring sites which consist of , etc. Direct traffic is mainly one where user types into his browser’s address bar.

The traffic source is changing in last 2-3 months. The visits from referring site is decreasing, where as the search engine traffic is increasing which obviously is a good sign.

Another major achievement in terms of search engines for Digimantra is the sitelinks. Last month Google started to show sitelinks for the keywords “Digimantra” and “realin”. This is again a big achievement in very short span of time.


Digimantra also got its vanity url on . And for that the credit goes to the fans of Digimantra and as if now we have like 175+ fans.


Digimantra has 50+ free email subscribers and 200+ RSS subscribers. There are many unethical ways to boast your RSS subscribers, one common way followed by many blogs today is doing mass following on . But I personally do not like to fake stats.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who support Digimantra. Its your love that made us showcase the above achievements. Keep supporting us and we shall be able to share latest information with you.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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