As discussed in my previous posts as well, that twitter is the most happening web application on the internet today. So vandalists try to target twitter, along with the facebook. Today twitter got its first DDoS attack. DDoS is the abbreviation used for Distributed Denial-of-Service and under this attack the web application is compromised by bots and excess of data flow. Twitter has also revealed this on its blog, and hence millions of users are unable to open twitter-logo-small1

They have claimed to defend the attack currently, but these kind of attacks become difficult to defend. Unlimited packets are just opened to the website and the server becomes unresponsive, resulting that the legit users are being denied to serve. Here is the list of few recent attacks on twitter.

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  2. Alert: Twitter hit by Koobface malware
  3. Alert: Twitterblogs yet another phishing scam
  4. How to get rid of Mikeyy worm on twitter

Stay Safe !!
Sachin Khosla

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