What a start for Monday, twitter got  hit by another scam called twitterblogs. twitter_logo_headerThis one is followed by the previously famous and also the first one to rock twitter for so many hours Mikeyy Worm . Twitterblogs is affecting many of the twitter profiles and the affecting link points to the subdomains of twitterblogs.com.

How does it spread ?

Twitterblogs.com looks same as the twitter’s home page and as soon as you login into it with your twitter’s credentials , it sends out the message “omg!! is it true what they wrote about you in their twit blog?” which contains the link to another subdomain of twitterblogs. A sample of spam message can be seen below :


However one should note that twitter has already announced OAUTH authentication and one should not enter his/her twitter credentials to the outer world, but still some new people fall into these traps.

Our Suggestion

Twitter always tries its best to avoid the spam but the reality is links on twitter spread like the forest fire, hence a single link gets 1000 of hits in a second. When I am writing this post, the domain, twitterblogs.com, seems to be down. Twitter might have undergone some rapid action against it, but to be informed in for the future scams, please think before you click any of the link. And think repeatedly before you give away your username and password to some third-party or untrusted site.
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Sachin Khosla

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