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Its an era when we are going to see lots of changes in the operating systems for sure. With the launch of Windows 7 and google announced its own operating system rising from Chrome it surely fantasizes  everyone. Just to add some more fun to your Microsoft windows desktop I wanted to share that you can now set your videos into wallpapers. I have scene people struggling to set animated wallpapers using gif images. But Microsoft has decided to provide a better of doing it by introducing DreamScene.

What is DreamScene ?

As discussed above with DreamScene you can put any Video clip as your desktop wallpaper. This video can be any of your pre-recorded videos or the one which comes by default when you install or upgrade to DreamScene. That way you can creat videos of your favourite pictures and let the DreamScene play it endlessely as desktop’s wallpaper. What else, you can also continue to work while they play in the background. That makes your desktop more lively and rejuvenated. However you can install DreamScene only if you Windows Vista Ultimate, as this is an extra option for the Windows Vista Ultimate only. Those who are using Windows Vista’s other variants won’t be able to install DreamScene in their operating systems.

I am impressed, how do I install it ?

Great, Steve Ballmer (ceo Microsoft) expected the same sort of joy from windows users and hence the DreamScene. To get DreamScene on your desktop up & running you should have Windows Ultimate as a pre-requisite to this. If you got one, lets get started :

  1. Go to Start menu and click on All Programs, and then Windows Update.
  2. Click View available Extras. If Windows DreamScene is not available, click Check for updates.WindowsVista.small.logo
  3. Select the Windows DreamScene check box, and then click Install.

Yup, that shall be all to get you started with DreamScene. You might have to restart your PC once before you can start enjoying this new feature. This default update comes with a single high-quality video that you can use as your desktop background. You can also download additional videos from Windows Update in the form of content packs, as follows:

Installing Content packs or extra videos

Repeat the above two steps and in the updates list look for “Windows DreamScene Content Pack” . When its there click the checkbox and install it.

Setting up Video as your wallpaper

Now that you have downloaded the DreamScene and you cannot wait to put your videos as wallpaper, let me tell you how you can do that :

  1. Right click on your desktop and click on the Personalize in the context menu, then click on Desktop Background.
  2. You will see an option called Location , from the drop-down select “Windows DreamScene Content“. Now select the video you want to set as the desktop background.
  3. If the video is not there you can browse and select your own videos. Manage positioning and aspect ratio values as per the requirement.

That should be all the steps to enable the video wallpaper on your Windows Vista Ultimate.
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