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Wondering how do you to turn off that camera shutter sound and the flash of your camera ? Well the answer for this is “You cannot turn off the Shutter sound & Flash for some specific regions“. It is not a bug nor that its some extra unwanted feature provide by your mobile manufacturer, but its related to the region you reside in.

I am from India and my Nokia E71 mobile phone’s camera shutter sound does not have an option to turn if off. The reason behind this is our government norms. According to them to protect one’s privacy the mobile manufacturers are instructed to turn on the sound & flash of cameras by default. That means, legally there is no way to turn that off and you should be doing that. This step is taken in to fight against the increasing MMS scandals coming out just about everyday in the country. So the idea is that when you click a picture or record a video on your mobile your camera makes some sound and the flash light (may be dim) turns on alarming the person who is facing the camera that you are trying to do something with your camera.

I have no idea how these guidelines of Indian government is going to help in a country where we have Jugaad(workaround) for just everything. A simple workaround would be to change the firmware with non-indian version. But my aim here is not tell you how to get rid of this guideline but just wanted to share with you guys that this has been there for a while now, so that you do not ponder with your mobile camera settings.

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