Recently friendfeed got acquired by the facebook, but that wont stop it to continue to add new feautes. Recently it introduced custom themes for the users. But so far so good, these themes can only be seen within the account and hence for your public account it was the same generic theme. friendfeed-logo

Today FriendFeed took another step to make these themes go public. Other users visiting your profile can see the skin which you have applied for you FriendFeed account.

There is another setting which can be done, so that you do not see themes of other people. If the setting is turned on, you won’t be able to see theme selected by other users.

You can change colors and background image for the custom theme. The custom theme can be selected from the list and its the last one.


Hope you change the way your FriendFeed account looks. For my FriendFeed account, I have chose the Grasslands theme. Make sure if you create your own custom themes, you share them in the themes group.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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