Nokia had recently launched NFC  (Near Field Communications) enabled phones which were more advertising centric.

Well, Nokia’s Palo Alto California Research Center has recently made a video to showcase the other side of NFC, no not cashless & contactless payments, but Gaming.

Yes, Gaming. At the Nokia NFC event held in Mumbai,  the demo team did try to showcase the wireless synching of the phones to play two-player games, however, the video posted on YouTube, brings out new & fascinating ways to play with NFC enabled phones. The video titled “See Nokia is cool too” – the NFC technology is used in a number of card games for both children and adults.

The games are pretty rudimentary at this point in time. Some involved tapping on the cards to form pairs, while others involved playing word-formation games. However, the best part is ANY cards with NFC chips built into them, i.e, credit cards, hotel keys, parking cards, railway ticketing ATVM cards can be used to “Create” your own games. One such game showcased I the video is the Match the images with “Flags of the World”. One can have an endless array of multiple flags & learn something interesting in the process.


NFC based Gaming by Nokia

This indeed is a unique opportunity to explore NFC chips in different & unorthodox ways. After BlackBerry’s tie-up with Security Firm HID Global for credentials verification & access control on NFC hardware built into their phones, Nokia has brought forward a unique & fun way to interact with their phones.

Nokia’s aim to collude education, gaming & NFC enabled handsets AND involve adults & kids simultaneously seems to be a brilliant concept. Let’s hope this trend catches on & we have multiple phones from multiple platforms / manufacturers trying to woe customers into buying their phones that even kids can play with their parents.

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