Hey Guys,

I was just playing around with twitter when I found this nice HTML bug. You may not call it as  a bug, but if you use the keyword “class”  in search.twitter.com , it will break the UI. I found this while I was searching the keyword “class developer by Sachin Khosla”.


You can’t resist now – Let’s know how and why this UI breaks.

Twitter tried to make the search keywords bold by using deprecated <b></b> tag. So when you try to search any HTML tag which is being used in the search results, it breaks the UI. For example span, class, href, inline etc. are some keywords, which will break the UI. Because browser will not understand <b>href</b>

Ah, poor twitter, you could have converted these into HTML characters and then something good with it. Wish Twitter was built in PHP, so it would have been a better web application like Facebook.

Hope you enjoy this bug, and if you think you can reproduce it then that means twitter has read this and fixed it Smile

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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