Twitter got hit by malware or phishing scripts more than 3 times. As discussed in one of my previous posts that Twitter lately got hit by KoobFace. It is a variant of malware which also exploited majority of  Facebook accounts.

Since last 4-5 years internet has penetrated so much into our lives that from buying Air Tickets to a Property we often search internet and make online transactions. But did you know how secure are you when do such kind of transactions online ? Some people ignore the usage of Antivirus or Firewalls thinking that it slows down the computer’s processing power and I bet many of them do, which are too bulky to install.

I have been reading CNET since long and I got this Antivirus Software called Vipre which is light weight , easy to install & use. I know it takes lot of courage to try a new software and that too if its an antivirus, but Viper is really an awesome ativirus software. Some of the features which I liked are:

  • Its fast and does not slow down your PC, unlike some other famous antivirus softwares which eat up lot of memory.
  • It comes with the AntiSpyware protection, so you do not have to buy that separately.
  • Secure File eraser
  • A process explorer which shows you all the running processes, outta which some could be malware process.
  • A neat history cleaner, clears browser’s cache etc

If I were you, I would have tried its 15-day working trial and check by myself, if its good or no.

Stay Safe,

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Sachin Khosla

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