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Planning to buy a game console and trying which one should you buy when there are many options available.The most common questions while deciding your new gaming console can be:

  • Which one is value for money ?
  • Which has better graphics ?
  • Above all which one is better ?

What I am trying to tell you is that, these are two different concepts altogether. What you need to decide is which one suits your gaming needs?

Price – To start with XBOX 360 starts around 350 USD where as Nintendo Wii console with 1 pair of remote and nunchucks is available for 199 USD. Again there can not be any comparisons made just on the basis of price.

Game Market & Development – When it comes to gaming experience, Xbox has large variety of games and targets audience from small kids to core gamers, whereas Wii games are mostly limited to couple games, family games but very few hardcore games. Though the number of game developers and downloads for Wii are increasing day by day . Motion Sensor – Taking about the motion sensors, Nintendo Wii is a clear winner here because of sheer brilliance of the technology being used. Xbox 360 sensors are far more feeble than Wii . Wii has definitely taken motion gaming to a new level all together .

Graphics – Do I need to even say that ? Presently nothing is anywhere even closer to Xbox’s crystal clear and such vivid graphics. Xbox brings your gaming experience leap ahead of others just because of its real time high definition graphics. When it comes to Wii, graphics performance is not that bad as people generally think, what they talk about is motion sensing games. There are variety of other options available in Wii. I have played fifa 10 and Resident Evil on Wii and the graphics are very sharp and much like that in Play Station 2.

Online & Multiplayer Gaming – When it comes to multimedia playback or online gaming, Xbox 360 supports multiple file formats including mp3, one can use it to listen to music, see images, do live video chat etc. Online gaming option in Xbox360 is diverse but comes with a subscription. When it comes to Wii you can still download music and movies but what’s missing is the online gaming part.

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Red ring of death – Well I think this only fact can make Wii a clear winner for few of you. Your console will never crash. when it comes to Xbox 360 there are congregated problems of crashing . There is an accusation that games make you lazy . Try Wii and you need not to worry about the thought that playing games make you lethargic and effects your health. Wii also has Wii-fit which is complete aerobics cardio exercises that you will always need. Now when it comes to deciding the better of two I will again menton that it depends on your personal choice. if you are fancy about high definition graphics, online features go for Xbox 360 . But if you prefer real time gaming experience and want to try something that you have not played before Wii is for you.


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