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Apple : apt-get command for MAC

Heard OS X is more like Linux ? But you might wonder that apt-get does not work by default in MAC OS X. Some folks are in love with apt-get and find it easier to install new applications using apt-get. So in this post I am going to show you

WordPress : Run shortcode in PHP template file

WordPress shortcode is very useful while creating new posts or pages. It is a nifty way to perform certain tasks in the post. For instance, if you want to add a youtube video or image gallery then WordPress shortcodes are quite useful. Many plugins provide their own shortcodes for displaying

Empty WordPress trash automatically

WordPress has an inbuilt trash system which keeps your posts, pages, comments in trash for 30 days by default. However, WordPress has a way to change this default 30 days time period. We can even disable this feature such that WordPress does not empties the trash automatically. In order to

Where did RSS Feed icon in Firefox 4 go ?

Many firefox users including me used to love the RSS icon which used to be displayed in the address bar. It quickly lets you subscribe to the RSS feed of the current website which  you are on. Strange that you have lost your favorite RSS icon in Firefox 4. If

Restore GRUB in Ubuntu after installing Windows

So, you had Ubuntu (or any of its derivative) installed on your system and then decided to install Windowswith it? And after installing Windows, you can’t load Ubuntu again, just follow the steps to get this working: Boot the system using a Ubuntu Live disk. After you reach the desktop,