Lately I bought hosting from since Dreamhost has been having lot of downtime. In short, experience with has been an awkward till date and I have already requested them to cancel my account under there refund policy.

However,while writing .htaccess rules I faced many issues. One of those issue was that when there are multiples files present in a folder viz products.php and products.html , the htaccess will not work and instead it will give an option saying which file do you want to open. That was strange!

To get rid of this error, simply open the .htaccess file in your editor and insert the following line on top of the file –

CheckSpelling Off

This should solve the multiple choices problem in 1and1 host. I have not faced this kind of error on an of the host but 1and1. Hope you get it resolved using the above solution.

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Sachin Khosla

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