AngryBirds is undoubtedly a famous game. It’s one of the lightweight games being played by most of the smartphone owners. I have been an Angrybird addict for a long time now. I was more than happy when I found that it is available to play on Desktop as well. And the good news is that you do not have to install it in your PC. All you need is a smart browser and Internet connection.

This game works awesome on Google Chrome  browser and will not work for browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari etc. I tried to play it in Firefox 4.0.1 , it got rendered but does not have a seamless experience as in Chrome. So this gives you another reason to shift to chrome 🙂

To play simply open your Chrome browser and point it to . This game is built in new technology HTML5, Canvas, JS rendering engines and does not use flash, which normal browser games do. I am sure you will be fan of Angry birds after you play it once. It comes in two versions HD and SD. HD is for high definition and is recommended for faster network connections, while you can play other lite version for slow network connections.


The only thing which I feel is going to make you sad is that it stores your game history within the same machine. So if you are a champ at your office’s machine, you have to start from Level 1 at your home PC. Also when you clear cache of that very browser, it will forget that you were a champ few seconds ago, harsh ? Don’t think so much, just go ahead and play the birds out. So you can experience the Angrybirds on a bigger wider screen now.

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Sachin Khosla

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