Gone are the days when you need to start writing you code from the scratch. I personally “used to be” a strong promoted of scratch coding, where in i used to do the following task to achieve better code development.

  • Create proper folder structure
  • Use a templating engine
  • Define generic classes for database connectivity and other sorts
  • check all connectivites, objects, file names etc

Certainly it takes a lot of time when you talk about developing different sites at a gap of 10-15 days or even more. Framework is a better choice which has all the basic tasks and may be more than that ready for you. You just need to choose a good framework like zend framework, cakePHP. These are fair enough, as its makes your life easy. These frameworks work totatlly according to MVC structure. MVC is something which motivates or forces you to keep your code seperate from bussiness logic and also lets you keep your design far away from all the wet code. Its a good concept and promotes neat coding especially for the programmers who do not like to document/comment their code or having bad coding habits.

Frameworks have certain guidelines for good coding practices and can be followed. They cannot be enforced on you as they are just guidelines for your application’s performance. I must say its high time that we shift on to frameworks now, instead of doing things from the scratch. Every interview that i take or sometimes i need to give interviews 😛 then we always talk about frameworks, if not asked to write down a syntax.

Its fun and easy to code in frameworks, try it out !! The near future of any programming language is framework, like Grails, Ruby on Rails, Groovy etc are certain shinning examples. If you really want to grow and surge your learning graph switch to frameworks right after reading this blog entry. Though conventional method of coding is the basis of everything and you must not skip that part, with due respect.

Any sorta comments/critics are invited.

Cheers !!

Realin !

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