I am not a very old or an elder one in the house of technology, but yeah i am the one who knows about the latest technology and attempts to implement or atleast experience it.

As we all know or might have experienced that today we are going through something that is called downfall or recession or slum or whatver you say. Earlier projects used to get coded in java, servlets, jsp, and what not. Companies used to buy heavy resource and make huge investments because the return over investment was high. They paid as much as the engineers asked for. Java although is an open source technology but somehow it had very less engineers and the technology is little complex for everyone to understand and to get along.

All this led to a new era. An era which is biased towards open source or free technology, which disliked the huge Java implementation on small projects. This gave rise to technologies like PHP, Ruby and of course Ruby on Rails.Java no doubt could not extinct as it was used in almost every project for the few years, so the java engineers shifted to maintenance part instead. Because whatever bukly projects that are completed in java need maintenance as well.

Why Open Source ?

  • It is free to use, from anything to everything
  • It is easy and fast to learn
  • You get variety of engineers and choice from highly paid to the one you can pay on hourly basis
  • Code, module, reusability increased
  • One community and “Sharing is Caring” dominated

What about support,updates, security ?

Well this is an open source community and every project has a bug reporting system and there are community memebers who continously update stuff. The security issues are fixed, patches are released and support is given on forums, mailing lists and even live through IRC.

What is the benefit, if all is free ?

Of course there is some benefit and that is why even google gives everything for free but still is the world’s number one search engine and is something which changed the world. The first revenue model for any open source project is Advertisement. Adsense is something which fetches bread,butter,honey, beer and what not for google 😛

What about Microsoft, .Net ?

Well Microsoft , no doubt, is the heart of computers and operating system. Asp.net, ADO (i really do not know much about them) are the backbones of many websites. They still exist and not like java which is really going outta trend.

Leave your comments and critics

Cheers !!
Realin !

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