These days I am getting lots of hits from  Google with the query “What is the color code of twitter logo?”. Well instead of writing the color code of twitter let me explain you how you can get color code of anything displaying in your browser 🙂

There are various methods of doing it and I am gonna discuss the most easiest and famous of them.

Using ColorZilla


The simplest way to get the color code is to install the colorzilla addon for firefox and enable it. After install you will see an option to choose the dropper from firefox window’s bottom left corner. You can switch between the droper and the color picker. It also gives you a free color picker utility. When you hover the dropper over any element on webpage, it will display you the color code in the status bar. When you click that the color code gets stored and then can be copied as required. It also lets you to copy code in different formats, let it be with # or with #, or if you want a RGB format.

The photoshop way

Another workaround is that you take a screenshot of the webpage and paste it into the Adobe Photoshop workspace. And their you can use the dropper tool to get the color code. But this is only doable for the users who have the Adobe Photoshop installed. But for the users who do not have such application, can use the above option. Although Gimp is the free alternative for Photoshop, but still its a lengthy process to take screen shot, open the app, paste and then get code. I prefer the ColorZilla option above photoshop.

Hope this helps you.

Realin !

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