dreamweaver_logoHey Folks, 

Today I was doing some official work and realized I somehow need to create image maps and that too in a quicker speed. So i tried looking for an option in Netbeans, but unfortunately it was not there. So i had to switch back to Dreamweaver and figure out steps to create Image map in it. It is very simple but still wanted to share with you guys, thinking it might help you in some odd time. 

Please follow the following steps : 


1) Goto Insert and click image. Make sure you insert image and not using the form insert menu. Otherwise you wont be able to get the properties properly. 

2) Next when the Image is inserted switch to the design mode, if you are already not there and selected the Image for which you want to create an Image map. 

3) Now in the properties tab at the bottom left, you will see there are shapes Rectangular, Circle (oval) and Polygon. They are know as HotSpot Tools. Use one of them as required to select the area on the image where you want to create the map. 

4) Now when the image map is created, try giving an href, where the portion of image should link to. 

That is all you are done with the Image Map thing in Dreamweaver. Now create as many links using this tool and you are good to go. 
Hope this helps or saves some time of yours. 

Sachin Khosla

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