Today i was wondering to create some eye candy on my blogs for the twitter on thingy. And i ended up with this simple image or logo which specifies visitors to follow me on twitter. This is how the end result look like.

Wonder if there was a tool which can do this automatically, we say YES !! We have created a tool, using which you can create your customized Follow me on twitter image.

Now i am gonna show you how i created this using photoshop

1) Download the bird icon from the iconspedia.

2) Now create a new file of the size 300 x 100 with transparent background and take the rounded rectangular tool , with 20px as the radius. Draw the rectangle and as per the size needed and fill it with black color(#000000).


3) Now put text “Follow realin on twitter” on whatever you like, i have used color code #f9ec5c, i used the color picker at the bird’s beak to get the nearest color code. And for the word realin just to shine it out, i used the different color and its color code is #379adf.


4) Now that we have text ready and now we gonna make it look glossy,shiney or web 2.0 ish. So create a new layer and select the Ellipitical Marker tool (shortcut key M). And on the newly created layer draw an oval from the top of the black rounded rectangle with feather 0px. Now fill the Ellipse with white color.

5) Now select the base layer, i.e. your black rounded rectangle box and hold ctrl key and click the black rounded layer with right key. It will select your base layer. After this invert your selection by going to Select > Inverse or use the shortcut as ctrl+shift+Ifollow_me_on_twitter_logo_3

6) This will select the area outside the black base and now select the top layer and hit delete to erase the extra white from top of the image. From the layers tab reduce the opacity of your top layer i.e. the white elliptical layer to around 48% and your image should similar to this one.


7) With your top layer select goto Filters>blur>gaussian blur and select value around 3.5 or play as you desire. And the final image should be similar to this one.


8 ) Now increase the canvas size from the top by going to Image>Canvas Size and paste the bird which you downloaded in the step 1. Place as  you like, the end product is like this.


Really playing around with bird helps you create more lively effects 😛

Sachin Khosla

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