Recently i shifted to godaddy hosting and i realized that godaddy’s hosting connections had SQLyog to be installed and not the phpmyadmin. Then i thought i should install phpmyadmin myself so that i can restore my current database from the old webhost. However later i realized that phpmyadmin is integerated automatically in godaddy and you do not need to install it. But writing this post here so that anyone can require the same may be somewhere else.

So first of all to use wget you should have SSH access to your webhost. You can connect remotely to your box using any SSH client like putty, open SSH etc. After getting connected , proceed as below.

1) Browse to the public_html or www or html directory where http can be accessed, however you can go to any of the subdirectory under www.

2) Type wget

3) After downloading the tar file you need to extract it, so type

tar xzf phpMyAdmin-3.1.3-english.tar.gz

And it is going to extract the files into a folder. Then you can access stuff through your browser.

Hope this helps you 🙂


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