wordpress-icon-150x15011Have you ever wondered after you publish a blog entry by hitting Publish button, what happens ? How does the Google Search engine and the other world is informed ? How quickly does feedburner be able to pull your RSS feed and provide them to your RSS subscribers ?

If you are not so technical you might not be worried about this all. But you must be worried, that what if I missed any of the search engine or content submission service. So to clear these uncertainities WordPress provides the list of the pinging services which collects information about your post when you publish. It gathers the information and spreads it. So to be sure that your content reaches to every corner of this deep web, be sure to keep your Pinging  services list. If you are non technical in simple words , just follow the steps as mentioned below.

Update Ping Service list

1) Copy the updated list of services from wordpress’s official update services page. If the link is broken in future or any problem, please copy paste the list below, these are updated till July 15,2009.


2) Now open your Administrator Panel and goto Settings > Writing

3) In the last option called “Update Services” , paste the links you copied above. There might be some links present already, so match them if they have changed or do not repeat the links.

There is more information given on the wordpress’s Update services page, stating how to update these services manually. Some believe that pinging http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ is more than enough as it pings almost all the famous and required services. But just to be sure, you can add the others as well.

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Sachin Khosla

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