seesmic-iconI heard a lot about Seesmic Desktop since long now and today was the day when I actually tried it. From the first look it looked really good and no doubt it is. Very nice approachable button on the website which lets you start the installation on a single click. I open it and pheeeww it was installed in seconds and it was ready to be used.

I added my account and did not save my password as I was on my office ‘s machine. I tweeted 2-3 tweets and then i tried adding facebook account. Adding Facebook account was little time consuming as it has all the application accessing permissions formalities which are certainly vital for our own security. But then after few click I was able to access facebook as well. Facebook was more like twitter in here and first time i was able to understand facebook πŸ˜› ( thanks to Seesmic).


Overall it was sleek, smooth and easy to use. But there are certain things which took me back to use twhirl again, they are :

1) I restart Seesmic Desktop and it was all empty, it din ask me for any sorta credential or password to login back into my account. I tried to be a layman and not a geek and just tried 4-5 probable clicks but nothing seemed to be working. So i pressed exit πŸ˜›

3) The notification for the tweets shows the icon for Seesmic’s cat or whatever it is, kinda dislike it. I mean I may not be the guy who likes your pet, but still I do not like that cat of yours (no offence though).

4) I am in the habit to delete while word , by using ctrl + bkspc , instead char by char. But again could not do the same in Seesmic and Twhirl both. Seems like its the problem AIR ‘s input box or whatever they call it.

5) It is more like tweetdeck , but i like twhirl more as its compact and especially made for people who just wanna use twitter and nothing else at office πŸ™‚

Few Things i like about Seesmic :

1) Seesmic has a super – duper support on twitter , their support handle is @askseesmic

2) Loic is the man behind this and he is an awesome guy and interacts with people on twitter.

3) The control this application gives you once you are acquainted to then, it works wonders for you. But people like me who are already in the habit of using twhirl might resist πŸ˜›

Minor Suggestions :

1) Different colors for the replies i receive

2) An option for full featured or simplistic version of Seesmic Desktop

3) No idea how to search a user, when i searched for loic on the top right corner,which ouputted really quick result. It actually showed me tweets instead of Loic’s twitter profile.

Please feel free to add your comments, suggestion. I am sure Loic’s gonna go through this blogpost once for sure πŸ™‚

And you probably can help him building more super application like this with your suggestions.



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