When did the last time you messed around with “Android File Transfer” not able to connect your phone with Mac? I am sure this happens a lot if you have a Samsung Device, as they force you to download Samsung Kies software instead of anything else.

I really liked the Wireless solution instead of connecting that cable which is “mandatory” in case you are using Android File Transfer. The other day I googled around and found this lovely application called Droid NAS , and it’s simply intelligent. Droid NAS allows you to share folders over a Wi-Fi network, making your Android device visible as a Bonjour computer in Finder on your Mac. It means, you can access your Android files right into your Mac’s finder window.

The best part is you can even define what to share via different profiles. It comes with pre-defined settings under the name of home, office & cafe. Based on these profiles you can choose what to share from the following list of shareable items like Photos, SD Card, Camera Photos etc.

A frequent error that Mac users can face is of “Connection Failed”, which even I faced. My current OS X version is Yosemite and I faced the same error. But there’s an easy workaround for this.
Open Finder window. Hit Cmd + K and enter the IP Address that is show in the Droid NAS window with the port number. For instance if the IP shown is, you will input smb://, where Folder can be either Photos, Camera, SD Card or the one listed in the below screenshot.

Droid NAS

Essentially the URLs are going to be like –

In Finder, hit cmd+k and enter any of the following –



smb:// Card

I know there are other resorts like AirDroid to wirelessly transfer the files or do a lot of other things, however I find this better as it sticks around in Finder and is think weight. Hope this helps.

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