In this post we are going to see how you can open your current working directory of terminal into finder. This trick comes handy when you are browsing various levels of directory and then want to switch to the GUI mode. To open the current location into the find simply type –

open .

And yes do not miss the dot at the end of open. That’s about opening a directory in the finder window. How about opening a file in your favorite text editor or atleast the buil-in TextEdit App? I am sure you want that to happen as well. Well that’s again simple, here’s how you can open a file in the built-in TextEdit App.

open filename.php -e

Now next, if you want to open the file into your favorite editor let’s say “Textmate”. All you have to do is specify the application name using the -a flag, as –

open filename.php -a textmate

Neat! isn’t it ? That’s what Mac is, power of Unix yet awesome UI. Hope that saves some of your time while you are messing with the files.


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Sachin Khosla

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