Now Google to help you in making Recipes

What if you search for your favorite food, dessert  in Google and along with search results you get some awesome recipe filters ? Yes, now when you search for a recipe on Google it recognizes it and display it’s ingredients along with other options – stunning ? I was searching

Google helps to understand tech jargon

Google has started publishing videos that will make you understand Technical Jargon in simple english. Google privacy channel is present on YouTube which gets updated with all the videos concerning user’s security. Google’s effort to make web safe for users is commendable. User’s might feel bored to go through safety

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

As promised.. I have here a post on Useful Extensions for Google Chrome. Please note, my personal preferences have had an overwhelming influence on this post…. which shouldn’t be the case. But I will surely do a follow-up Post, wherin I will keep a broader mind-set & research those extensions wich will surely have a mass-appeal. Meanwhile do use these & feel the additional power to Google Chrome!

Speed-Up Google Chrome!!

MANY (myself included) use Google Chrome. Its simple & has VERY few hassles. But it CAN be improved further. In this post, I have attempted to highlight three basic steps to increae performance of Google Chrome. You will Surely have a enhanced we-surfing experince after you have carried out the steps. Enjoy.

How to block a sender in Gmail

It’s super annoying when you keep getting unsolicited emails from a particular address and none of the options work like, “report spam” or un-subscribe link. Unfortunately, Gmail does not allow users to block these kind of email addresses in particular. Practically saying it will be a mess for Gmail server’s

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