Useful Google Chrome Extensions

As promised.. I have here a post on Useful Extensions for Google Chrome. Please note, my personal preferences have had an overwhelming influence on this post…. which shouldn’t be the case. But I will surely do a follow-up Post, wherin I will keep a broader mind-set & research those extensions wich will surely have a mass-appeal. Meanwhile do use these & feel the additional power to Google Chrome!

Speed-Up Google Chrome!!

MANY (myself included) use Google Chrome. Its simple & has VERY few hassles. But it CAN be improved further. In this post, I have attempted to highlight three basic steps to increae performance of Google Chrome. You will Surely have a enhanced we-surfing experince after you have carried out the steps. Enjoy.

Google Chrome Frame powering Internet Explorer

Google undoubtedly has been the biggest contributor to make web faster and reliable. Google code has introduced a plugin called ChromeFrame to add open web technologies and Google chrome’s v3 JavaScript engine to the Internet explorer 6,7 and 8. So it does not matter after how long Microsoft is going

Detect chrome using php

The other day i was coding arround and i found that i need to know if the user is using the new shiny browser chrome. So for that i wrote a small snippet and wanted to share with you guys. Here is how we do in php. function is_chrome() {

Webkit released a faster Javascript Engine

Continuing to the browser’s war, after the pre-mature release of Google’s chrome WebKit announced its own much faster javascript engine. Chrome supported new V8 javascript engine. However, WebKit is an open source project which forms the basis of both Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser, has released the latest version of

v8: an open source javascript Engine

hiya, v8 javascript engine lies at the heart of Google’s browser Chrome and claims to be reason for its faster processing of javascript code. Here is what wiki has to say for it The V8 JavaScript engine is an open source JavaScript engine developed by Google in Denmark and shipping