How to get localhost folder on Mac OS X

I have been using MAMP PRO for quite some time for Apache, PHP, and MySQL and always found it very easy to use. However, I feel that I am paying uselessly for updates every time when I can do it easily myself. So I decided to completely remove that from my

Debug webpages on Chrome for Android using computer

While developing websites, debugging them for CSS or JavaScript becomes the major part of development. And all the websites that we develop today are responsive in nature. I have seen developers debugging responsive CSS by resizing their browser window, as they like using the powerful debugging tool that bundles with

Sorry, command-not-found has crashed!

I was on a Ubuntu box and recently bumped into this weird problem that whenever a wrong command is written in the terminal it gives a long weird error that says – Sorry, command-not-found has crashed! Please file a bug report at: Please include the following information with the

Enable remote web management of DD-WRT via Telnet

I recently flashed my newly bought Asus RT-N13u B1 and installed dd-wrt in it. Now it’s running Optware  and works like a charm. During my initial settings of the router, I had enabled Telnet and disabled GUI Management remotely. However, when I was back home I realized that I need

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