Integrating Google Analytics in Mediawiki

In this post, we will talk about how to hack the Mediawiki Template to include Google Analytics without tracking the sysop user. The better way is, obviously, to use the GoogleAnalytics Extension (which would be discussed in a later post). This hack applies to Mediawiki 1.9.3+ In the mediawiki/includes/skin.php file,

Prefix www to your domain using htaccess

First of all you need to know why you even want to prefix www in front of your domain. Well to explain in short, search engines treat and differently. Notice the difference is just of www. But  if you have these two URLs distributed all over the web,

When did you join twitter

Hey Folks, One of my @twitter friend @partywithneha asked me about how could she get to know that “When did she joined twitter?”. I had built this functionality in my twitterapi class, so i created a tool to grab details when a particular user joined twitter. The tool can be

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